Through daily peer-to-peer nominations that describe how our employees are representing our core values, E-Z Bel issues year end awards for each Core Value.

Best in Class

foreman of the year:

Award presented to the Foreman who receives the most nominations from the company

Best in Class

crew of the year

Award presented to the crew who receives the most nominations from the Operations Team.

Best in Class

"Do it for Tío”

Award created honoring Mr. Silvestre De La Rosa, better known as “Tio”, who worked at E-Z Bel for many years as a Common Laborer and he displayed all the Core Values of E-Z Bel. The award is presented to the individual who:

-Provides outstanding service to their department
-Makes significant contributions to the overall effectiveness of the department
-Shows willingness to assist beyond normal expectations
-Demonstrates dedication to the profession
-Promotes an atmosphere of collaboration and cooperation
-Is respected by everyone for their loyalty and commitment to E-Z Bel
-Demonstrates humility in all their actions

loyalty awards:

Award presented to employees who have reached tenure milestones at E-Z Bel.