It all started with Mr. Isabel c. Rodriguez, father of Mr. Roy I. Rodriguez, founder of E-Z Bel Construction. Mr. Isabel Rodriguez spent his career in the Construction Industry, he was an admired Superintendent in the San Antonio area. Mr. Roy, I Rodriguez felt profound admiration for his father; Mr. Isabel Rodríguez instilled in him the value of hard work, discipline, strong work ethic, passion for your craft and being true to your word. Those core values have stayed with Mr. Roy I Rodriguez and subsequently passed on to Mr. Michael Rodriguez, son of Mr. Roy Rodriguez and current CEO of E-Z Bel Construction. There was no doubt in Mr. Roy Rodriguez’ mind that he wanted to honor his late father, when he was able to become a business owner. 
E-Z Bel first came about while Mr. Isabel Rodriguez was working in the construction industry. Isabel was not a very common name and was considered a feminine name; many of his peers had a difficult time saying his name correctly, so instead they fondly nicknamed him “E-Z Bel”. When Mr. Roy Rodriguez founded the company in 1971, he thought the best way to perpetuate the legacy of all Mr. Isabel Rodriguez’ teachings, was to name his business after his father, by the name everyone recognized him from “E-Z Bel”.

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e-z bel, the name

E-Z Bel Construction, LLC (E-Z Bel) was founded by Roy Rodriguez and his Lydie Rodriguez in 1971.
Mr. & Mrs. Rodriguez, San Antonio natives, initially offered survey and construction consulting services. Through the years, Mr. Rodriguez began taking on select construction projects and building them in-house. Approximately 50 years later the Company offers a complete line of horizontal construction services.
Currently, E-Z Bel is still primarily owned and operated by family with the second generation, Michael R. Rodriguez (the founders’ son), now Chief Executive Officer. Michael has worked at E-Z Bel his entire adult life with his only break in service to attend the University of Texas at Austin. Michael took over the general management of the Company from his parents in the early 1990’s.
As CEO of E-Z Bel, Michael’s involvement with projects ranges from the initial cost estimate to project close-out. Michael’s leadership and project management earned E-Z Bel the distinguished “Vendor of the Year” designation in 2001 with the City of San Antonio
The Company has enjoyed a steady profitable growth over the years and Michael prides himself on continuing to build the Company based on the vision his father created years ago. The Company continues to focus on building a strong foundation of people based on its core values. This includes providing opportunities for future growth with the next generation of leaders.

e-z bel construction company

Million Dollar (+!) Company

Growth eclipses 100%

Nearly 3x growth since ‘94

Revenue Quadruples since beginning signal work

stephen park joins e-z bel & recoleta shop building is completed

Record Project Awarded – Blanco II

E-Z Bel University launches

Revenue Doubled in 5 Years